New probes

New generation aluminium programming probes

VAT excluded

Price: 49,99 €


8 HIGH QUALITY NEW ALUMINIUM PROGRAMMING PROBES now for 49,99 EUR (99.99 EUR), untill end of the February 2020.
JUMPER CABLES ARE NOT INCLUDED!!!. 8 high quality new generation aluminium programming probes with golden pogopins and rubber cap.

Technical specification

- 8 new generation aluminium programming probes with strong golden pogopin
- 8 quality  jumper wires for making a connection with probes and programmer
- 1 white distancer for making proper distance for positioning probes
- 8 golden pins for jumper cables
- wide angle of positioning due to strong silicon grip caps
- supports stable and precise connection regarding to ergonomic shape
- supports stable and reliable connection with precise golden pogopins
- very good impact resistance and nice handling
- clear view of the ECU connection pads simplifies work
- rubber cap for very good grip
- no minimum distance limit between programming probes

- unpressed probe length: 110mm
- completely pressed probe length: 103mm
- minimum distance between pogo tips: no limit just do not short circuit it
- pogopin diameter: 1.3mm

- full package weight: approx. 100g

full package dimension: 18cm x 12cm x 10cm
package color: white

- 8x probes
- 8x jumper wire, premium Female/Female
- 8x male pin for connecting to crocodile clips
- 1x distancer


Requires knowledge for handling.

COMPLETE PROBE IS CONDUCTIVE, make sure you handle it safe.
Use only in 90 degree angle to the top deck and ECU.

Make sure the connections between the programmer and probes is correct to avoid damaging to the ECU and the programmer.
You should triple check that the ground and power to the ECU are in correct place, see you ECU pinout.

- do NOT make short circuit
- do NOT leave the adapter on conductive material to avoid short circuits
- use only for mention purposes - reading and writing the ECU in boot mode
- do not bend the pogo pins
- do not eat
- do not burn
- do not expose it to heat or fire
- do not expose to the high voltage
- do not expose to direct sun light
- do not clean with chemicals
- pogo pins are very sharp and can make injuries

We do not take any responsibility (direct or indirect) for damages on your ECU by wrong usage, mistakes, accidents or any kind of interrupts, interference or coincidences (predictable or not predictable).

Howewer, our products are high quality products that will satisfy your needs and standards. Use it with care any you will never have problems